How do I collapse my cooler?

Please watch this quick video, alternatively instructions are written below

Here’s a step by step video on how to collapse our 50 + 8 Can Collapsible Rolling Cooler, available at Costco!

  1. Detach and remove the cooler from rolling A.T. Cart™ by opening the clip on the back of the cooler.
  2. The Foldable A.T. Cart™ features a 2-position retractable telescopic handle. Simply push down on the handle to close and push the panel with front legs back. Then, fold the hinged floor panel back.
  3. Unzip the cooler.
  4. Undo the Hook & Loop tabs located on either side of the cooler.
  5. Press the front of the cooler and the back together, flattening it completely.
  6. Attach the Hook & Loops side tabs to the back of the cooler to keep it flat.
  7. Put the shoulder strap inside the cooler (optional).
  8. Press the lid of the cooler onto the front to finish collapsing it.
  9. You can then re attach the cooler onto the AT Cart by using the back clip.